Welcome to Hu Lab

About our Lab

Research in my lab focuses on the development, characterization, and biomedical application of in vivo magnetic resonance (MR) techniques (MR imaging and MR spectroscopy), with a major emphasis on the brain. Specifically, we develop image acquisition and data analysis techniques for imaging brain function, connectivity and physiology, we investigate links between the MR measures and underlying biology and physiology, we seek to understand and interpret the data and understand the brain based on our data with modeling, and we apply our techniques to study normal and diseased brain. Our lab is highly interdisciplinary by itself but also collaborates intimately with other UCR labs in basic and neuroscience and works at the relevant interface of engineering, physical sciences, biological sciences and medicine. Ultimately, we would like to translate the outcome of research into clinical applications. In addition to research activities in my lab, I also direct the Center for Advanced Neuroimaging ( where we provide core service to and collaborate with other UCR investigators using MR imaging/spectroscopy.